Video games have toyed with the idea of virtual reality before, but due to the lack of technological advancement and the high prices, it's never entirely worked out for the consumer. But that may all be about to change with Oculus Rift, a consumer-priced head-mounted display that received a massive amount of its start-up funding from public source-funding website Kickstarter.

Revealed back in 2012 at the E3 Expo with an playable version of classic first-person-shooter Doom 3, since then there has been massive development and interest in the Oculus Rift, having being publicly endorsed by giants in both the developers of software (iD, Valve, Epic) and hardware (Sony).

Currently being shipped out as developer kits for software creators, Oculus Rift is still in the early stages of availability, but current versions are equipped to play such high profile games as the Portal series, Half-Life 2, Mirror's Edge, Skyrim and loads more.
A fully realised consumer edition, currently named Rift 2.0, is expected to have full 1080p visuals, wireless connectivity, with an early release date set for mid-2014.
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