Although everyone else is having a terrible year, 2016 will see one of Nintendo's best years in recent memory.

After the charge and subsequent falling of Pokemon GO, Nintendo's prices shot up close to 5.5% just as it announced the release date and price plans for Super Mario Run, its first mobile game for iPhone and Android. Priced at $9.99, the game is set to become a huge success for the gaming company and comes on the back of the release of the Mini NES, which is likely to be the must-have gift for Christmas.

Nintendo's share price doubled in July around the launch of Pokemon GO, but had little impact as the game's licence was held by Niantic Labs and not them. Nintendo's move into the mobile market comes as the company readies itself for the launch of Switch, its latest console.

Rumours have been circulating for some time that Nintendo is planning to shut down production of the Wii U, which has underperformed for the company since its launch. Switch, on the other hand, is being touted as the next step in gaming and has already signed on major studios and developers to make games for it.

Super Mario Run arrives on iOS on December 15th, with Android due to arrive some time in 2017.