As anyone who's played Pokemon GO will know, the game works off using real-world landmarks for PokeStops and PokeGyms.

Players have to stand at, say, a particular doorway or a statue in order to either play against other people or collect Pokeballs and the like so they can continue playing. Many businesses, particularly in the US, have leveraged the game's popularity to attract customers, but there's been a downside to it as well.

The map has also thrown up a few places as PokeStops in less-than-appropriate places and now it's the same in Ireland. PDFORRA, the association representing Irish soldiers, sailors and members of the Air Force, have called upon Niantic Labs, the studio behind Pokemon GO, to remove the National Memorial from the game.

The pyramid memorial, which is to honour fallen members of Ireland's military, doubles as a PokeStop in Pokemon GO and members of PDFORRA believe it's highly disrespectful.

Niantic Labs have been contacted for comment.


Header Image via William Murphy / Flickr