The 'Silent Hill' franchise has been dormant for over 10 years due to Konami's spectacular collapse, but now the beloved horror franchise is coming back with not one, not two, but three new games.

The headline event is the legendary 'Silent Hill 2' getting a remake in the vein of 'Resident Evil 2', and being built with the Unreal Engine 5.

Players who downloaded 'The Matrix Awakens' last year will be aware of the potential of the engine, so 'Silent Hill 2' being remade with cutting-edge technology is an incredibly exciting prospect indeed.

The remake will be developed by Polish developer Bloober Team, and most crucically, key members of the original development team, including composer Akira Yamaoka and concept artist Masahiro Ito, best known for his creation of Pyramid Head, are involved in the remake.

In a coup for the PlayStation 5, the game will be a console exclusive for 12 months, but there's no word yet on a release date for the remake.

The remake will attempt to blend what made the game so special in 2001 (such as the fog and atmosphere) but add in more modern elements such as an over-the-shoulder camera like the 'Resident Evil' games.

Two brand-new games in the 'Silent Hill' universe have also been announced, with 'Townfall' on the way from talented Scottish developers No Code Studios.

'Townfall' will be co-produced by Annapurna Studios, who are still riding high off the success of 'Stray', and while the teaser trailer for 'Townfall' gave very little away in terms of information, the game looks to be incredibly unsettling with a strong emphasis on the psychological aspect the series is so famous for.

The teaser trailer is incredibly cryptic, with the action unfolding on a portable television screen, but suffice to say we're sleeping with the light on already.

The third title is going by the name 'Silent Hill F', and is the most intriguing game of the lot.

'Silent Hill F' looks to be heading in a more folk horror direction, which is a bold departure for the franchise.

The trailer appears to have more in common with 'Midsommar' than a traditional 'Silent Hill' game, but a bold direction is what gave the 'Resident Evil' franchise a much-needed shot in the arm with the release of the first-person 'Resident Evil 7' back in 2017.

The game is the next mainline entry in the series, which has been dormant since 2012's 'Silent Hill Downpour'.

Games like 'Silent Hill Homecoming' and 'Downpour' were criticised for being too action-focused, so the franchise looks to be returning to its roots of scaring the living daylights out of players.

The teaser shows an abandoned town ruined by vines and weeds, and a woman being overcome by chrysanthemums flowers, all the while terrifying music plays.

There's no word on a release date for 'Silent Hill F' yet, but judging by the fan reaction to the trailer, the game looks to be a surefire hit.

As if three game announcements weren't enough, fans also found out that a new interactive streaming series from JJ Abrams' company Bad Robot is in the works (think 'Badersnatch' meets 'Silent Hill') along with the movie 'Return To Silent Hill' by director Christophe Gans who also directed the 2006 'Silent Hill' movie.

Fans had been holding out hope for a new 'Silent Hill' entry ever since 'Silent Hills' was cancelled in 2015 after an epic row between Hideo Kojima and Konami, with the famous publisher shifting focus to pachinko machines and mobile gaming since then.

Konami's treatment of the 'Metal Gear Solid' franchise has been a point of contention among fans, but Konami have also realised that 'Silent Hill' is a franchise with name and brand recognition.

With three separate visions of the franchise coming out in the near future, it appears that Konami is ready to step back into the world of video games once again.

Let the sleepless nights begin!