Get ready for all sorts of nostalgia to be thrown back right into your hands as you build one of the greatest gaming systems to ever be made.

Nintendo fanboys and fangirls - here's something you might want to invest in. Coming in 2,646 pieces later this year, you'll be able to get your mitts on a NES Lego set to fulfil all of your Nintendo dreams.

As you can see from the trailer released below, the NES Lego set allows you to build your own Nintendo Electronic System piece by piece - including a classic controller and even a Super Mario cartridge "game" for that cherry on top.

The collection also comes with your own buildable retro '80s TV set, which features an 8-bit Lego Mario jump from platform to platform as you crank the lever. Just take our damn money, Lego.

The retro NES Lego set comes a few months after the first Mario-themed junior Lego set was launched, aimed at 6 years and over. This new retro set, however, is strictly aimed at those of us who were the first owners of the gaming system way back when it launched in the late '80s.

Here's the trailer for the NES Lego set - which will set you back €229.99 and will be available from August 1.

In other Nintendo news, the highly anticipated opening of the Super Mario World theme park in Japan has been put on hold until everything that happened this year blows over.