Cert: 12+
Platforms: PS3, PS2, PSP, X360, Wii, DS
Genre: Driving

Back in the day, when the PS2 and the XBOX were battling it out for top spot, when there was still such a thing as a console exclusive, and Take That and Boyzone were out of the chart and thought to be MIA, there was another rivalry… Need For Speed and Burnout.

These two powerhouses, once from rival companies, would eventually both end up under the Electronic Arts banner and still continue their bitter rivalry. They were over the top, unrealistic games, more about mayhem and destruction then winning the race. Need for Speed had Hot Pursuit, Burnout had Takedown. These were arcade style instant classics.

Now they're returning to their roots with a story heavy version of early classic Hot Pursuit. Unfortunately, this is not a return to form for the series.

The police chases are great craic, and enough to keep you mildly interested, but the acting in the live action cut-scenes would make Keanu cringe. And, bizarrely, the races are way too easy; you'll romp home to victory every time.

If you're looking for an arcade racer, my money is still on Burnout Paradise, the best game in its class in years.

Rent or Buy: RENT
Graphics: 4/5 
Game Play: 3/5
Replay Value: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

Review By: Eamonn Cleary