Cert: 3+
Platform(s): PC, XBOX360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS
Genre: Racing

Need For Speed has had many incarnations, always moving with the times and trying to keep in vogue. Unfortunately this isn't always a good thing, as I have found the series to be increasingly hit and miss. Well, boys and girls: we have a monumental miss on our hands.

Instead of sticking to what it was good at - an arcade-style, over the top speeder, with big crashes and manic driving - they have tried to rob the charisma of a skateboarding game, and apply it to a street race. Midnight Club achieved a lot by sticking to what it knew best: street race is an underground, sexy secret club. ProStreet could learn from them instead of trying to emulate a format from a different sport!

ProStreet has an annoying MC commentating over the races. The handling of the cars is frustratingly heavy and the graphics are dreadfully dull, with the vehicles having a GTA3 feel to them.

This is a poor effort to bring Need For Speed out of the arcade and into the simulator.

Don't bother.

Graphics 2/5
Gameplay 2/5
Replay Value 1/5
Overall rating 1.5/5

Review by Eamonn Cleary