Cert: 3+
Platform(s): DS, Wii
Genre: Strategy, training

It's a funny thing; if you had told me two years ago that an entire generation was going to become obsessed with beefing up their brains, I would never have believed you. It's a welcome development, though I'm not thoroughly convinced of the actual merits of these games. No matter how convincing Dr. Kawashima sounds, these games are, after all, for entertainment.

My Word Coach maintains the trend by insisting that it is an educational tool. You are recommended to play for only a certain length of time each day, so that the knowledge can sink in and you can become a better 'communicator'. Herein lies the problem; the assessment at the beginning of the game relies on the honesty of the player, an approach that to me, seems lazy. Why not administer a test and determine player ability from that?

Having said that, the games are imaginative and use the different functions of the DS effectively.

Being limited to just word games could be its downfall, but if you like word puzzles, this could be just the ticket for you.

Graphics 3/5
Gameplay 3/5
Replay Value 4/5
Overall rating 3.5/5

Review by Eamonn Cleary