'Monkey Island' will be making a comeback later this year.

The beloved point-and-click series is getting a new lease of life thanks to the folks at Devolver Digital, the publisher behind recent hit 'Weird West' and 'Hotline Miami'.

Original series creator Ron Gilbert is on board for the newest trip to Monkey Island, with co-writer Dave Grossman, who worked on the first two games in the series, returning to the fold.

Series composers Michael Land, Peter McConnel, and Clint Bajakian will return to compose the game’s score.

Dominic Armato, who voiced series protagonist Guybrush Threepwood in every Monkey Island game to date, will return to reprise his role as the swashbuckling character.

Gilbert had previously indicated in 2013 that if he were to return to the series, it would be a direct sequel to 1991's 'Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge'.

Considering the game ended on a cliffhanger, fans will be thrilled to get an answer as to what happened next over 30 years later.

The series has been dormant since 2009's 'Tales Of Monkey Island' and 'Return To Monkey Island' will serve as a continuation of the franchise.

Ever since debuting in 1990, the 'Monkey Island' games have seen major critical and fan acclaim for their peerless writing and comedy chops.

The series helped bring the point-and-click adventure to the masses, and the franchise is seen as Lucasarts' masterpiece.

'Return To Monkey Island' will debut later this year.