When you're in a game, hours can fly by and only feel like minutes - especially when you're on a good streak or trying to get past a certain level or boss.

It's a part of why games are so popular, but at the same time, there's no denying that they have addictive properties and can become a hazard for some people. In China, mobile gaming is now so popular for audiences that new measures are now being introduced in games to stop addiction.

Tencent, the creators of the wildly popular League of Legends franchise, have now set time limits on its other games, Honour of Kings. After launching in 2015, the game is now reported to have 163 million players per month and has become wildly popular in China - especially with children.

To that end, Tencent is now instituting a one-hour limit on players under the age of 12 to just one hour of gameplay per day. Not only that, these players won't be able to log in to play after 9PM in their region. Meanwhile, players between the age of 12 and 18 are only allowed to play for two hours.

If you think that's overkill, it's worth pointing out that Honour of Kings has so far made $882 million and is the most profitable game of 2017 so far - so it's clear that people are playing it and that it's having an effect.


Via Mashable