Many people used lockdown as a chance to take up something new - Audrey used the time at home to start streaming video games.

Since beginning streaming in December 2020, MissAudreyy has amassed over 4,000 followers on Twitch.

The push to start streaming came from the most obvious source - her friends.

"During Covid, we were all housebound and I found great comfort in watching streamers, networking and making friends."

"I was told by a couple of friends that I would make a great streamer and I should give it a go - which is exactly what I did!"

Audrey cites streamer Rodey as an early influence for her, saying "he’s an incredible content creator and has become a really great friend of mine since I began watching him in Summer 2020."

"He was my 200th follower and also has a founder’s badge in my channel which is amazing! He has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and hit 100,000 followers on Twitch not too long ago."

Audrey said that she met one of her greatest friends through Rodey, the streamer JJA3_.

"JJA3_ gave me an insurmountable volume of help while I was at the beginning of my streaming journey," she said.

"From help with my microphone to Streamlabs settings, etc, JJ was a great help and mentor to help me get going! He also streams himself and is about to hit 5,000 followers which is amazing, and that is a real indicator of how much amazing work and positivity he puts into his community/friends."

For any good streamer, a chatty personality is a must and this is something MissAudreyy prides herself on.

"I love chatting to people and getting to know them, so engagement with the audience is the most important thing for me," she said.

"I love to integrate a lot of humour into my streams also, making people laugh gives me so much energy and it’s great seeing people smile."

The streamer said that she has received positive community messages recently, which she said "nearly made her cry."

Discussing the fan feedback, she noted "what was interesting for me is that my viewers and the community we built together helped me a lot during my own dark periods and so it’s really lovely to know that we can rely on entertainment and friendship and social (digital) interactions for comfort and happiness in our lives."

Audrey started streaming on the PlayStation 4 in her early days as a streamer but has since branched out into streaming from a PC, where she plays the likes of 'Fornite', 'UFC 3', 'Among Us,' 'Jackbox' and 'What The Dub'

'Fortnite' is a favourite game of streamers - MissAudreyy is no exception!

"Going forward, I would love to play a bigger variety of games and I have a few plans coming up," she added.

"Originally, I began streaming on my laptop and PS4 and I linked them up with an Elgato capture card! I had an old television as my monitor too."

She soon realised the need to upgrade, and by her own admission "the more I began streaming I began to realise I badly needed a new set-up."

"I got my first ever gaming PC in March 2021 and it’s brilliant. It’s not impressively high-spec’d but it does the job and is upgradeable!"

Streaming in a lot of ways has become the new punk rock - anyone can pick it up and try to make their fortune at it, learning as they go along.

Audrey has a few tips for aspiring streamers: the golden rule in her book? Do your research.

"As a new streamer, you should be constantly watching YouTube videos or reading articles or even watching other live streams to see how others stream, tips they find very useful and how best to improve your content."

"I’m not saying to completely copy what others are doing but use their advice and suggestions to build your own streaming style! What makes you unique is what keeps you in the viewer's mind after the stream, and it’s what keeps them coming back again and again."

When you've established yourself as a streamer, the trick is then to "raid" other channels.

"Raiding" is the practice of sending your audience to another streamer when you've finished streaming, and Audrey says it is an important part of streaming.

"Whether you have 1 viewer or 20 always raid someone, and make sure that you raid someone your own size or maybe slightly bigger," she said.

"Those are the people who are going to appreciate you sharing your community with them, they might even throw you a follow and in the future will return the favour with a raid to you and this is how you build relationships with other streamers and how you see your community grow."

After gaining some traction in 2021, Audrey was approached to become an ambassador for An Post Money Mate.

She said, "a large, traditional brand like An Post taking an interest in a dynamic medium like gaming has been incredible to witness."

Audrey, also a content creator for Legion, said the sponsorship has created "a great buzz within the Irish streaming community."

"Streaming is not merely a hobby for people, and it’s important to have that recognised outside of what was once a small community."

"Having a large and trustworthy brand such as An Post Money Mate giving us streamers/gamers a platform and visibility within the community is invaluable - having a household name attached creates huge credibility for the industry," she added.

Ireland has a strong reputation for its streaming community, and Audrey says this isn't surprising considering Irish society.

"I think Ireland, in general, has always been a huge promoter in community spirit, so it’s not surprising to see that filter down to the streaming community," she said.

"There is a lovely camaraderie present and a great tendency to look out for one another and drop into streams from time to time," she added.

In her streaming career there have been a few highlights, including a surprise appearance from her grandfather.

Audrey said she started a stream the night before her birthday and at midnight everyone in stream was spamming “happy birthday” and per Audrey "it was just so wholesome I wanted to cry, people left some really wonderful messages and well-wishes."

To top it all off, my Grandad came into my room where I was streaming to wish me a happy birthday and I asked him would he sing me a song on my stream, and he did!"

"He sang 'Annie’s Song' by John Denver which is one of my favourites. My Grandad is a retired Opera Singer and everyone on stream, and myself, were in awe of him and his voice!"

With streaming ever then it's even been, streamers like Audrey are the face of a new, digital Ireland.

In years past Ireland has given the world Nobel-winning writers and chart-topping musicains in the cultural sphere.

In the coming years, streaming dominance may well become another string to Ireland's cultural bow, and streamers like Audrey are at the forefront of this moment in culture.

Audrey streams on Twitch and is an ambassador with An Post Money Mate, the Current Account for the gamer in your life. For more information, visit the An Post website