Batman Arkham Knight is one of the most eagerly anticipated titles coming to the next-gen consoles, and Microsoft might just have told us when it's going to arrive. 

After it was announced that we can expect Arkham Knight to arrive a little bit later than we first thought, Microsoft might just have leaked the new release date without intending to.

On a listing on their website for the game, they gave the date of the 24th of February of next year as the day the game will see the light of day, which is a really long way off for fans of the franchise. As IGN are reporting, these are normally placeholder dates when it happens on Amazon and other online retailers, but those aren't normally put in place at this stage of the year.  

Earlier this month, the original 2014 release date around Christmas time was pushed back into 2015, and while there was no mention of why, given how the producers are talking about making this one absolutely perfect (and the fact that Arkham Origins received lukewarm reviews) they're probably not going to let it out into the world unless they're 100% happy with it.