Cert: 7+
Platform: DS
Genre: Puzzle

Ooooh, I like these sort of brain teasers, they remind me of the ones I saw as a child on the schools BBC Micro - cutting edge in 1986!

Mechanic Master is as simple as it gets, while being complicated at the same time! You are given a scenario and a number of tools in which to solve the problem. The beauty lies in the fact that there is an infinite number of ways to solve the problem, no one way is better then the others and you don't have to use all the tools you are given, if you can do it with just the rubber band or the garden shears - fair play, here's the next one.

The only downside is the playtime, I found it a little on the easy side and, after a day or two, I had it completely finished and was left wanting. However, this is perfect for the developing mind and will get your kids' creativity going, have them thinking outside the box and problem solving.

Rent or Buy: Rent
Graphics: 3/5 
Game Play: 5/5
Replay Value: 3/5
Overall: 3.5/5

Review by: Eamonn Cleary