Although a brand-new 'Mass Effect' game is years off, the remaster of all three 'Mass Effect' games is going to arrive a lot sooner.

Eurogamer is reporting that 'Mass Effect: Legendary Edition' will most likely be available by March, with a number of online retailers specifying March 12th as the launch date.

So far, EA has neither confirmed nor denied the date in question, but it does match up with the earlier release that slated it some time around Spring 2021. Beyond a flashy trailer that you can check out below, no gameplay footage has been released so far.

However, the game will come with all three games fully updated with 4K UHD graphics, new textures,shaders, models, effects and technical features, as well as all the DLC for each game.

At the time of the game's announcement, Bioware said that the idea behind the Legendary Edition was "not to remake or reimagine the original games, but to modernise the experience so that fans and new players can experience the original work in its best possible form."

The game is currently set for launch on the Xbox One and the PS4, however the game is understood to have specific enhancements and targeted improvements on the Xbox Series X and the PS5.