Cert: 12+
Platforms: DS, X360, PS3
Genre: Action

MASH, MASH, MASH! That's all this button bashing nonsense is. I cannot for the life of me understand why they keep releasing these games. The stories of middle earth are fantastic and deserve to be explored in a more plot driven way.

Conquests, yet again, lets you play a key role in the familiar scenes. There are different classes, including warrior, archer and mage, all of which bizarrely are human - no elves dwarves or hobbits allowed!

So, what do we do? Well, you run into the midst of an Orc army and start slapping the controller for dear life. Eventually, if you haven't already p*ssed off down the pub, they tell you that you won. This game is horrible.

Why, oh, why can they not follow in the footsteps of the awesome Oblivion and create a character driven story set in an sandbox dimension, instead of these dreary linear battle scenes? The only saving grace is, once you have tortured through the main campaign, a new dark story unlocks allowing you to kick ass as Sauron.

For die hards only .

Rent or Buy: Avoid
Graphics: 3/5 
Game Play: 0/5
Replay Value: 0/5
Overall: 0.5/5

Review by: Eamonn Cleary