It's a testament to Fallout's design that you can literally put a test-card GIF up and automatically, you know that's something coming down the line.

Bethesda Game Studios posted a GIF yesterday afternoon with the test-card and PLEASE STAND BY, all of which has set everyone off making jokes about Skyrim and the fact that Bethesda keeps re-releasing it on different formats. Really, there's not much to tell so far and guesses include Fallout VR, some kind of new DLC for Fallout 4, or some kind of mobile version.

We previously suggested some kind of Fallout: New Vegas type of sequel or something set outside the US in the same world, and the colour-infused nature of the GIF suggests a familiarity, so who knows?

Here's the GIF in question...

And here's a smattering of tweets from below.




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