Well, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone.

The SNES Classic Mini has gone on pre-order across the US from yesterday and sold out completely in less than one single day - and it looks to be much the same here in Ireland. Both Gamestop and Smyths Toys are now sold out of pre-orders, whilst Littlewoods Ireland, Harvey Norman and Argos are not listing the console on either site.

It's not yet known, however, if further consoles will be made available in-store on top of pre-orders already placed.

The console, which has a RRP of $80.00 in the US and €89.99 here in Ireland, will feature 21 games from the SNES and has been hotly anticipated by gaming fans since its announcement last month. Its predecessor, the NES Classic Mini, was also hotly anticipated and sold out in record time - much like the SNES Classic Mini. Despite the demand for the console, Nintendo refused to ship or manufacture any more to meet demand, as the console was not intended as a major release.

This, in turn, caused the price of a second-hand NES Classic Mini to triple from its original price, going from an RRP of around $60 to well over $200 for a boxed copy.

The SNES Classic Mini goes on sale from September 29th. Good luck trying to find one now, though.