Kim Kardashian-West has managed to turn anything and everything relating to herself into a marketable commodity that can be sold.

That includes fashion lines, makeup lines, TV shows, and even terrible mobile games. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is pretty terrible, but it's become insanely popular with fans and has, according to the latest data, logged over 5.7 billion minutes of gameplay. Yes, that much.

Anyway, the game follows a sort of RPG element in which players can travel the world and try attain celebrity and fans by booking modelling experiences, club appearances and other things. The game is periodically updated with different levels and costumes and its most recent one sets it firmly in Ireland, with its hot cider and cold beers. Oh, and pubs. You can visit a pub.


Needless to say, the reaction was... well.



The update also allows you to own a luxurious home in Dublin, as well as pose for photoshoots in the lush Irish countryside. Cool.


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