Cert: 18+
Platform(s): PS3, XBOX360
Action, shooter

Kane and Lynch sees you playing Kane, a one-time mobster now manipulated into one last job. Sheesh, even for a game, that's corny! Kan's family are being held by 'The 7', a group of Mafiosi who want something that Kane apparently stole from them. Lynch, a delusional psychotic, is sent to help Kane retrieve what he has stolen, and thus begins a whole heap of nonsense.

You wander around shooting cops and jumping over walls. There is an attempt to give the levels a free-roaming feel, but GTA this ain't! The levels are very linear and repetitive. There is some craic to be had in the shoot-outs, but tedium is the order of the day here.

Graphics aren't bad, if a little bland, but the squad-based options for controlling Lynch are fairly useless. The storyline tries to keep it interesting by moving you around the world, but even if you enjoy this shoot 'em up, I can't see you playing through it more than once.

In a mood to shoot off guns and blow stuff up? This may tide over your cravings for destruction, but probably not!

Graphics 3/5
Gameplay 3/5
Replay Value 1/5
Overall rating 2/5

Review by Eamonn Cleary