Watching any of the three 'John Wick' movies can sometimes feel like a video game - especially seeing as how easily the guy just guns down people without the slightest bit of injury.

It's something that the movie itself plays with (heh), but now you can try it for yourself. A small indie game has been released online for free online that showcases what an 8-bit, NES version of 'John Wick' might look like, complete with chiptune covers of the soundtrack.

The game, which appears to be patterned off run-and-gun games like 'Contra' and 'Metroid', sees John Wick doing what he does best - running and gunning his way through nameless fools to thumping electro synths. The game is available for free on PC, and while it doesn't appear to be sanctioned officially by Lionsgate, it definitely does look a lot better than that stupid-looking strategy game they're putting out.

Here's a taster of what to expect in the game, and if you've got a PC, you can download it yourself.