With less than a day to go before the US Presidential Election takes place, both candidates are going right down to the wire to convince voters.

For Donald Trump, it's encouraging people to ram Democrat buses off the road, 'Mad Max: Fury Road' style. For Joe Biden, however, it's making a map on 'Fortnite'. Yes, really.

In fact, the island - that's what maps are called in 'Fortnite' - features a total of six minigames that are directly tied in with campaign points, including one that sees you collecting cans to restore a river as tied in with his enviromental policy, while another sees you collecting runs in reference to Kamala Harris' penchant for Converse runners.

The 'Build Back Better With Biden' island on 'Fortnite' isn't the first attempt at the Biden-Harris campaign to try win points (heh) with players. Just last month, there was an 'Animal Crossing' map, while US representatives llhan Omar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently did a Twitch livestream of them playing 'Among Us'.

All that said, the 'Build Back Better With Biden' island hasn't been getting ecstatic reviews, with Kotaku pretty much dismissing the whole thing as a hollow political stunt - which it is, in fairness.

You can access the map by entering the code 0215-4511-1823 in the Creative hub on 'Fortnite'.