Inspiration for videogames can come from a variety of sources, including some you might not necessarily suspect.

For example, 'Limbo' - a fantastic indie game released in the early part of the decade - took inspiration from German expressionist movies. Likewise, games like 'Assassin's Creed' and 'God of War' borrowed from mythology and history while others like 'Metal Gear Solid' examined information overflow and its impact on society.

'I Am Jesus Christ', however, is about as subtle as a fart in a bath-tub and sees you take control of good 'ol JC himself. The game's official synopsis on Steam describes it as "a realistic simulator game inspired by stories from the New Testament of the Bible."

See, right there, you've got a big problem. The Bible, specifically the New Testament, isn't realistic. There is no documented evidence to support the events that occurred in the New Testament, and much of it was rewritten throughout the centuries to what we know today. Hell, one of earliest surviving iterations of the Bible - the Sinai Bible - has close to 15,000 differences to the modern bible.

So before you even get into the philosophical debate of whether Jesus Christ was real or not, you've got to deal with that. Next, there's the fact that this game looks absolutely ridiculous and can't really be taken seriously.

In fact, a quick search of the publisher's other games will tell you that they're not exactly on the level of major gaming studios. Other games in their inventory include 'Bum Simulator' (where you play as a homeless person), 'Plastic Love' (where you play the proprietor of a sex robot brothel), and a bunch of car mechanic simulators.

So, yeah, probably not going to see this one making any Game of the Year lists when it reaches Steam in 2020.