Later this month sees the release of Disney Infinity, which has quietly become the most awe-inspiringly expansive gaming idea and platform for potential that we've seen in years.

The starter park consists of the game, and three start-off characters: Jack Sparrow from Pirates Of The Caribbean, Sully from Monsters Inc., and Mr Incredible from The Incredibles. Each of these characters comes in the form of a mini-statuette that you place on the Infinity plate, which is connected to your console like a joypad. From there you can enter the three open worlds from each of these three universes, playing as any of these characters.

But if you so wish, you can purchase other statuette characters to play as, and the Season One roster includes some well-known faces such as Nemo, Wreck-It Ralph, Aladdin, Dumbo, Buzz Lightyear and many more. It's also possible for you to create your own environments from scratch, and one of the highlights will be seeing the crossover of so many much loved characters in other movie's settings.

The most exciting part about all of this is what Disney might have lined up for the future! Remember, they now own the rights to all of the characters in the Marvel Universe, the Star Wars Universe and Indiana Jones, not to mention the countless movies in their own back catalogue that they can still reinvigorate in video game form.

Consider us VERY excited! Disney Infinity will be available to buy from August 22nd.