Early this morning, under locked key and hushed voices, we at entertainment.ie were given exclusive access to a preview of the new PlayStation 4 game Infamous: Second Son. In case you didn't know, we were already pretty excited about this game (we wrote a love letter to the series, which you can read here, so when Sony offered us the chance to get some early hands on action with the next entry in the franchise, we jumped at the chance.

We sat down in the empty conference room, nice big Sony TV all to ourselves, the PS4 whirred into life, and the preview began. First up was a truncated story trailer, with our new hero/villain Delsin Rowe telling his brother not to execute another Conduit/Bio-Terrorist (read: superhero/supervillain), and then we take control.

Your brother has a gun to the female Conduit's head, and the first in our experience of the new game's choices come into focus. Will you save her, and be a hero? Or will you let her die, and be a villain. We, being nice and good people, chose to save her, and Delsin informs his brother that he will take responsibility for the Conduit from this point on.

From there, we jump to a dock, and we're helping the Conduit to find the boats that are smuggling drugs, as well as releasing some hostages. Oh, and there's the bad guys who are shooting machine-guns at you, can't forget those. At this stage, we're shown that Delsin has at least two different powers at his disposal: Smoke, which looks like a lot of fireballs being hurled about the place, and Neon, which is visually very fancy, and allows you to run up walls really quick, but appears to be less powerful. You do your good-guy thing, and then the Conduit blows up the bad drug boats, and we're on to the next mini-mission.

Delsin and the Conduit are chasing a truck around the city, and you must use your speed and agility to stay on the rooftops and not blow your cover. When you do catch up with the truck, you drop down to take out the bad guys, and ... something ... happens. We're not being coy, because the preview we played seemed to purposefully block it out, but we did get to see a split-second of the aftermath, and let's just say it was ... destructive. Things go BOOM!

So there you have it. Just when we thought we couldn't be any more excited about this game, we get to play some of it, and see how great the graphics are, how intuitive the controls will be (they put the PS4's sensor pad to good use), and how great and smart the story and characters are being played out, and we literally CANNOT WAIT to get our hands on the final product!

March 21st can't come fast enough, and this may well be that game that is reason enough to go out and buy the PS4. Yes, it's THAT good.