Remember way back when the X-Box 360 released it's camera add-on, the Kinect? All those Just Dance and Zumba Fitness and games like that? Well, we all remember which one was the best one, don't we? The one we kept going back to again and again, be it when there's a few kids that need their attention to be focused, or a house party to divide all your friends into potentially warring factions? Yes, we're talking about Kinect Sports! And good news, it's coming out soon on the X-Box One!

From April 11th, you'll be able to play virtual soccer, bowling, mountain climbing, tennis, jet-skiing, target shooting and loads, LOADS more on Microsoft's new console (which, of course, came packaged free with the new and improved Kinect hardware!).

Everything about the Kinect Sports games has been improved on the X-Box 360 version, with the new Kinect sensor far more responsive to your timings and teeny, tiny movements. Now more throwing your body around the room just to get a reaction from your on-screen avatar! Unless you really want to, in which case, go for it! (Note: is not endorsing you to throw yourself around your room. You might break something. Like a vase. Or your neck.)

On top of all that, Kinect Sports is making the most of X-Box Live, by adding new layers in terms of competitions. You choose to play on one of three unique teams, with captains and different skills and abilities and equipment at your disposal. You thought the previous incarnation of Kinect Sports kicked off some bitter rivalries? You ain't seen nothing yet!

If all of this tickles your competitor fancy (and really, why wouldn't it?? You CHICKEN???), you can pre-order Kinect Sports Rivals right now, and have it ready and waiting to download on April 11th. In mean-time, we're off to the gym so we're in fit fighting shape for the game!