For all of the accolades given to 'Goldeneye 64', the plucky British agent and gaming haven't had much luck together.

There's been one disappointing game after the other, even with input from custodians of the tuxedo Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. Games like 'Goldeneye: Rogue Agent' and 'From Russia With Love' have attempted to try something different, but ultimately, none of the games made any kind of impact in the way that 'Goldeneye 64' did.

In fact, the last game to bear the '007' title was 2012's '007 Legends', which was widely panned and was the final game developed and published by Activision before they revoked the license (no pun intended) and backed away from licensed games entirely.

Earlier today, Danish game developer IO Interactive, who have been responsible for the 'Hitman' series and 'Kane & Lynch', announced that they are now working on a game featuring 007. The teaser features the iconic opening music, as well as the gun barrel symbol, as well as a small tidbit of information on what to expect.

The game will be set in a wholly original story, and see you earn the 00 status in what the official 007 Twitter account claims is "the very first origin story". Correct us if we're wrong, but wasn't 'Casino Royale' essentially an origin story? Bond gets his 00 status in the black-and-white opening sequence, no?

At any rate, the video teaser and announcement has gotten people very excited about the prospect of killing faceless goons for England, and with a developer like IO Interactive behind the scenes, this has to be the potential to be something special.

Here's the teaser.