Everyone knows the Game Boy for its clunky design, the chirpy music from it and the fact that it could be played just about anywhere and brings hours of enjoyment with it.

Of course, games have since migrated on from the heady days of Super Mario Land and Tetris, however one engineer in Belgium is not only determined to keep the memory of Game Boy alive, he's also entered the record books while doing it.

Ilhan Ünal, from Belgium, created the world's largest - and functional - Game Boy by himself in his lab. The handheld console is originally 90mm wide and 140 mm in length, with a depth of 32mm, however Ilhan's model measures just over one metre long, 0.62 metres wide and is 0.2 metres deep. According to Ilhan, it took him about a month to build and worked on it by himself.

To top it all of, it actually plays and everything. Here's him talking about it with the Guinness World Records, when his record was confirmed.


Via Guinness World Records