In case you've been living under a rock, Pokemon Go has launched in many regions across the world and it's become something of a hit with Pokemon fans both young and old.

Essentially, Pokemon Go works by using your phone's camera and geo-location services to put Pokemon in the real world. You open the app, it uses your camera to superimpose Pokemon in actual locations and you capture them in your Pokeball. You can them put your Pokemon through the gym and, eventually, battle them against other players - all done in the real world.

It's a strange game - and it's little wonder the genre is known as 'augmented reality' - but it's become a sensation. Nintendo's stocks have already risen close to 8% since it launched and the staggered release pattern across the world has mean that fans here in Ireland have been clamouring to get their hands on it for quite a while.

So, let's get to it. First things first - it should be pointed out that the official release is due in the next couple of weeks. The method we've found, seen below, isn't the official way to download the game. In fact, you're probably better off just waiting for the official download.

We've been in contact with Nintendo to see about an exact release date, but we know from reports that the launch in the UK and here in Ireland has been paused as servers for the game have been overloaded due to demand.

So, to the methods for iOS and Android. We should point that you're doing this of your own volition and we're not responsible if your phone is suddenly set on fire ala Charmander's attack.

It's always a good idea to back up your phone with anything important on a computer and, obviously, don't try this unless you're comfortable with the possibility of your phone being bricked. We're also hearing reports that the Android version of the game might actually end up getting you banned from the official release and that the file is littered with remote access malware, so just be careful.

Right, that's all the disclaimers out of the way:



1. Log out of your current Apple ID on your iPhone. The fastest way is to open the App Store, click the Featured tab, scroll right to the bottom, tap your Apple ID and hit ‘Sign out’.

2. Go to Settings > General > Language & Region and change the region to the US, Australia or New Zealand.

3. Download any free app and you’ll be prompted to create a new Apple ID. Do so, and select ‘None’ in the billing menu. Add any US/Australia/NZ-based address.

4. Try searching for Pokémon GO again and it should now be there and ready to install.



1. Download Pokémon Go from an APK download site such as, ideally directly on your phone but, failing that, on a PC (58.1MB file size).

2. If using a PC, attach your phone to the PC via USB and drag the downloaded file to your Downloads folder. On your phone go to Settings > Security and enable installation of apps from unknown sources. Now hit Pokémon Go in your Downloads folder to install the game.


That's pretty much it for both. As we said, you're probably better holding off for the official launch as there's no guaranteeing that either method will actually work and there's every possibility you could do permanent damage to your phone.

If you are lucky enough to get it working on an Irish phone, let us know how you get on. We're hearing that Luas stops are doubling as Pokestops.