The 'Battlefield' series has always done things a bit differently - from it's destructible environments, vehicle-based gameplay and large, sprawling maps, the series has established itself as a favourite of FPS fans the world over.

EA and the team at DICE have given us a look at some of the maps we'll be blowing the hell out of this November in 'Battlefield 2042' and it looks like the 'Battlefield' games we know and love.

'Renewal' takes place in Egypt, and the trailer shows a fight taking place in a tight office building - a setting that will be familiar to those who spent many hours on the Siege Of Shanghai map from 'Battlefield 4'!

The map is an eclectic landscape set in an Egyptian desert with a solar array Power Station on one side and a lush Research Facility on the other. It features a wall between both regions with various entry points, including a choke point through the often-contested Entry Checkpoint in Conquest in the middle of the map.

The developers say that "players should also come prepared for close-quarters battles in these areas as well as both of the buildings located within Renewal."

'Breakaway' is set on a ship in the ices of Antarctica, and while there's no confirmation of the tap-dancing penguins from the 'Happy Feet' movies making an apperance, the game makes up for it with the addition of a wingsuit, making the series' famous sprawling environments that bit more sprawling.

The addition of ziplines indicates that verticality will be the name of the game on this map, while a massive offshore platform will serve as the main choke point of the map, along with an outlook station.

The devs say "in the fractured paths of the Glacier, players fight in and above the ice cliffs that are connected with zip lines and rope bridges, and where the quick use of a parachute could be the difference between life or death."

'Discarded' takes place in India, and it appears to be the map of choice for helicopters; the trailer shows the player hopping in an attack helicopter like one would wave down a taxi, and proceeds to rain fire and destruction upon the enemies.

The map features a flooded village, and is a balance of cover and close-quarters combat, while a ship let’s players fight inside its craft.

It wouldn't be a 'Battlefield' game without some sort of twist that changes the map, and the devs teased "unpredictable weather, ensuring players will have to stay on their toes as the threat of a tornado could strike the map at any moment."

'Battlefield 2042' will release on November 19th for the Playstations 4 and 5, the Xbox series of consoles, and PC.