Just to be clear, we're not talking about the miniature version of the Super Nintendo - we're talking about the original Super Nintendo you played Donkey Kong Country, F-Zero and Street Fighter II on.

The story begins with Nathan Tolbert setting up a Street Fighter II tournament with a few pals before his ancient Super Nintendo decided to go pop. On a whim most likely, Nathan decided to call the number on the side of the console to see if anyone would answer.

As it turned out, someone did was even good enough to spend about ten minutes on the phone with him trying to troubleshoot the problems. 

Unfortunately, the nice lady from Nintendo wasn't able to help - but still, considering the Super Nintendo has been discontinued for years and they're still trying to help out is really something. Thankfully, after a little bit of tinkering on his own, Nathan managed to get the console up and running.

Funnily enough, the number Nathan rang wasn't just a fluke of some kind either - according to later tweets, the nice lady from Nintendo helped out another person with a problem with an original NES.


Via Twitter