Although first-person shooters have been around since the '90s with the likes of 'Wolfenstein' and 'Doom', it's fair to say that their explosion in popularity came thanks to one game - 'GoldenEye' on the Nintendo 64.

The ease of control that came from the analog stick and the Z-trigger, not to mention the then-revolutionary graphics and sound effects, helped to make it a landmark moment in gaming. The spiritual sequel, 'Perfect Dark', only helped to improve on what came before with 'GoldenEye'.

In the intervening years, 'GoldenEye' still holds up as a wickedly enjoyable game and although it's never had a proper remastering, Rare had one in the works for several years. Of course, the complex web of licensing meant that it never saw the light of day and players never got to sneak through the facility, shooting the caps off of Russian soldiers before shooting them in the crotch.

Anyway, Rare had been working on a remaster of 'GoldenEye', but due to issues with MGM/EON, Nintendo, Microsoft and licensing deals expiring, the game languished in development for years and has only cropped up in the far edges of the web and usually in an unplayable state.

Well, all that's changed, as YouTuber Graslu00 has managed to upload a full playthrough of the cancelled 'GoldenEye' remaster, complete with multiplayer action as well. As you'll see in the video, the game would have the ability to swap between the remastered and the original graphics with the tap of a button, not unlike the remaster of 'Halo'.

Take a look.