With the PS5 set to launch at some stage before the end of the year, there's a number of questions still circulating about the new console.

However, if you've been wondering whether or not you can buy a 24-karat gold version of the PS5, or even a platnium-coated version, you're in luck. You can, in fact, buy a 24-karat gold version of the PS5, with two controllers AND a 24-karat gold 3D pulse headset - all thanks to Truly Exquisite.

Yes, you can play all the PS5 launch titles on a game console that looks like a box of Benson & Hedges from afar, and the whole thing will set you back a mere trifling €8,839 or £7,999. That, of course, is if you're getting the Digital PS5 like some filthy peasant. If, however, you're getting the Disc PS5 version, that'll cost you €8,949 or £8,099 and comes with the same peripherals.

Now, you might be sitting there, thinking to yourself that gold is simply the metal of gawdy, tacky people and that platinum is a far more worthy decision to coat your games console in. Friend, you're in luck once again - because you can pick up the same PS5 and coat it in platinum for €9,170.

Just marvellous.

As a handy little bonus, the game is shipped for free worldwide with insurance, and it will even play PS5 games on it. You also get a handy little wooden display box, so you can look at your solid-gold PS5 and not your own face in the mirror, wondering why you thought that forking out for a console covered in tinfoil was a good idea and costs about as much as a brand-new hatchback car or a downpayment on a small apartment.

Hey, maybe you don't think about money like that? Maybe you're some kind of billionaire who just doesn't care about the cost of things? If that's the case, when the revolution comes, you'll be guillotined first.

Enjoy your final days playing the gold-plated PS5, you parasite.