A sequel to 2018's 'God Of War' has been hotly anticipated by fans, and Sony has confirmed that we will see Kratos in action in time for Christmas 2022.

Sony confirmed that Kratos and son will be back to destroy Norse mythology on November 9th, ending months of feverish speculation from fans about the release date for the game.

The early November slot was previously occupied by 'Starfield', and this choice release date gives Sony a legitimate claim for the hottest-selling title for the Christmas market as well as a potential Game Of The Year contender among critics.

First announced at the PlayStation 5 console reveal in 2020, hype for the sequel has been at fever pitch over the last few months as developers Santa Monica Studio kept their cards close to their chest.

Set three years after the events of 2018's 'God Of War', 'Ragnarok' will see Kratos and his now-teenaged son Atreus take on gods like Thor, the god of thunder, and Freya, the protagonists’ former ally, and continue their hunt for Tyr, the Norse god of war.

The 2018 game was a smash success for Sony, helping introduce the franchise to a new audience and cementing Kratos' status as PlayStation's angry mascot.

The 'God Of War' series began life on the PlayStation 2, and followed Kratos as he proceeded to take lumps out of famous figures from Greek mythology.

The games are famous for their excessive, over-the-top violence but the 2018 reboot showed a softer side to Kratos as he cared for his son Atreus.

With the PlayStation 5 becoming more readily available to consumers, 'Ragnarok' is certain to turbo charge sales of Sony's new machine, and we're itching to get back into the swing of things with Kratos.