The continuing trials and troubles of GamerCon look like they're nowhere near coming to an end.

As we reported last month, ticketing platform Eventbrite stepped into help with refunding tickets to GamerCon as a last resort. One source at Eventbrite described it as "the nuclear option," pointing out that it's almost never done and only in cases of financial difficulty. The event organiser Ferdi Roberts, however, later disputed that this was the case.

The latest development now has it that GamerCon Dublin is currently out of cash - and will continue to be for the next six months. According to a report by Fora, an e-mail was sent to GamerCon's suppliers and informed them that "we do not have funds to pay outstanding invoices at present and I don’t expect this situation to improve in the coming six-month period," and explained that weeks of refund payments had caused the situation.

Speaking to Fora, Roberts gave the total figure for ticket refunds at €100,000 to 3,000 ticket holders. He also stated that almost every vendor has received at least 50% of their money owed, and that the majority have received full payment. In his e-mail to suppliers, Roberts also spoke about the future of GamerCon, saying that because of "the negative press surrounding the event I am forced to review entirely the future of the business and its viability.”

The event, which took place in the Convention Centre in Dublin, made headlines when it oversold 2,600 tickets on both days of the event in March.