In case you weren't already aware, esports and 'Fortnite' is big business and big money.

Although there are other massively online first-person-shooters out there, 'Fortnite' has always lead the charge on both innovations and prize money, and this year is proving to be no different.

The Champion Series, Fortnite's biggest esports tournament and run by the game's studio Epic Games, announced that its prize pot for 2021 has now hit $20 million, up $3 million from last year's figures. The prize money is set to be distributed across the year through various competitions, with the bulk of the money - some $12 million - going into four season finals of the series.

Interestingly, the Champion Series will be cross-platform this year, meaning players can try out on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or Nintendo Switch, with a three-person team able to play across any of these platforms. Epic Games, however, also stated that there would be console exclusive tournaments in 2021, with dedicated prizes set for them as well.

Prize money in esports and gaming is getting bigger and bigger each year, with gaming studios competing to offer more money and prizes to players. In 2018, The International saw 'Dota 2' players compete for a first prize purse of $10.4 million, with a total prize pot of $23.8 million up for grabs.