A passion for gaming is one thing, but when it comes to a real-life relationship, there can be consequences and given the surge in popularity for 'Fortnite', this latest statistic on the game shouldn't come as a surprise.

According to divorce advisory and legal service Divorce-Online.co.uk, it claims to have received 200 divorce petitions that name-checked 'Fortnite' and other online games as a catalyst for the end of their marriage. A spokesperson said that online gaming as a reason for divorce equates to "roughly 5% of the 4,665 petitions we have handled since the beginning of the year," which is likely an good indicator for divorces across the UK.

Gaming addiction in general was added to the World Health Organisation's International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems in June of this year, following rigorous analysis and examination of the subject, so it's definitely no joke.

While spending hours playing 'Fortnite' or other games might certainly contribute to a deteriorating relationship, another factor is money and microtransactions. Forbes reported that in February of this year, 'Fortnite: Battle Royale' made $126 million in total revenue in one month alone, narrowly beating 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' and its $103 million.

So if someone tells you their relationship broke up over 'Fortnite' or any other game for that matter, they're probably telling you the truth.