And frankly, at €91,000, that's a STEAL. They're practically giving it away at that price.

Yes, for the price of a Porsche 911, you can own your very own Star Wars Battle Pod that would really tie the room together in any home or, y'know, you could live in the pod. We would.

Built by Bandai Namco, the Battle Pod comes equipped with leather seats, a rotating pod that reacts to where you turn your X-Wing (or TIE Fighter) and even has air vents that make it seem like you're whooshing down or up.

It also comes with a personalised plaque and unique serial number, as the pods are made to order.

Take a look at this demonstration.

So, here's what we're thinking. We'll put together a group of maybe five or six of us, we throw in €15,000 each and we can BUY THIS THING.

Really, it'll be incredible. Get on it. Call us up here and we will seriously take the call. Not kidding.


Via Bandai Namco