Last night's 'State of Play' from Sony was something of a mixed bag, to say the least. Those who were hoping - no, wishing - for news on a potential 'Metal Gear Solid' remake, or even anything on 'Grand Theft Auto 6' were left bitterly disappointed as another 'State of Play' went by with nothing on either.

However, it did have a big reveal in the form of 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' and a new upgrade for the game for the PS5. 'Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade' - try saying that five times - will feature some new content, including making franchise favourite Yuffie a playable character, as well as taking full advantage of the power of the PS5.

That's not all, however. If you happen to have a copy of the PS4 version of the game, you can get the 'Intergrade' version for absolutely free. As well as this, all the saved data from the PS4 will transfer over to the PS5, meaning you won't have to start from scratch with the game.

The game will also have a "Graphics Mode" and a "Performance Mode", meaning you can either have a priority for 4K graphics or 60 frames per second.

The game goes on sale from June 10th. Here's the announcement trailer.