Although they're a few years away from our screens, films based on two of Valve's greatest creations - Portal and Half-Life - are in the works.

JJ Abrams made the announcement that his production company, Bad Robot, had partnered with Gabe Newell's gaming studio, Valve, to create film projects based on the IPs - that's intellectual properties - of Valve, including Portal and Half-Life.

There's a reason why these are being brought up again, namely due to 10 Cloverfield Lane, the spiritual sequel to Cloverfield that's been doing roaring business in the US. Director Dan Trachtenberg got his start in filmmaking by creating a short film based on Portal, known as No Escape.

The short film, seen below, quickly went viral and caught the attention of JJ Abrams and Bad Robot - who put Trachtenberg to work lickity-split.

As to what form Half-Life and Portal will take is anyone's guess. JJ Abrams, however, confirmed that they're still in active development at Bad Robot and that writers have been assigned to both films.

10 Cloverfield Lane was filmed with almost zero hype surrounding it. In fact, nobody even knew about it until a month or two before its release - so there's every possibility that a Portal / Half-Life movie could be sprung on us with little or no warning.

Bad Robot, in particular, would be willing take a punt on a small sci-fi film if it felt that it justified the risk. The only question is, what would these films look like? Who would direct them? Would they have their original voice cast or what?

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