Platform: Xbox 360 Kinect
Cert: 16+
Genre: Sports

If there's one Kinect game that's could cause gamers to break their TV it's Fighters Uncaged. Unfortunately, I nearly broke mine out of sheer frustration rather than because I got carried away with a finishing move. The graphics are bland, the music repeats the same beat over and over, the characters don't say much more than two sentences and the campaign mode forces you to fight the same people repeatedly to advance. That might be all forgivable if fighting was actually fun but the moves feel uninspired - it boils down to punches, kicks, blocks and head-butts - and I spent more time flapping my arms and legs about trying to get the game to register my movements than I did connecting with my opponent.

Fighters Uncaged doesn't support two-player or online multi-player either. Maybe AMA Studios were concerned they'd get sued because gamers fighting each other at home would get into actual fights? Or maybe they felt beat-em ups today don't need an online multiplayer? I don't know what their reasons were but the result is probably worst game of 2010.

Buy or Rent: Neither!
Gameplay: 1/5
Graphics: 1/5
Replay Value: 1/5
Overall: 1/5

Reviewed By: Bryan Collins