Cert: 3+
Platform(s): Wii, PS2, PS3, XBOX 360, DS, PSP
Genre: Sport, Football

Play as your favorite international team, your favorite club team or as a manager - it's all here in FIFA '08. The '08 update fixes a few of the bugs that I had with '07. In manager mode, you are no longer restricted to a five-year period. Also, the inclusion of the lower divisions means that you are free to take on the footballing world from very humble beginnings. The graphics themselves are not that much better; however, the player animations have a lot more depth and the A.I. of your teammates is greatly improved.

This is a massive game, including thirty leagues and 15,000 players from around the world, including our very own Eircom League of Ireland. Finally, Bohs are going to win in Europe! Also new to '08 is the 'Be A Pro' mode. Here, you have to pick one player and master his position by working with your AI teammates.

The PS3 version allows 7 people to play locally and nearly all consoles offer multiplayer online. Fans of the franchise won't be disappointed.

Graphics 4/5
Gameplay 5/5
Replay Value 5/5
Overall rating 4/5

Review by Eamonn Cleary