If you were following the release and the subsequent fallout (heh) of 'Fallout 76', you'll know that the game got off to a pretty rocky start.

For one, the game was considered by many pundits to be more or less "unfinished" when it was launched, but it's managed to turn its fortunes around with updates such as 'Wastelanders' that have now made the game somewhat playable.

On the foot of that success and because players are just looking for anything to do, Bethesda has made 'Fallout 76' free-to-play on PS4, Xbox One and PC all this weekend.

The free-to-play event kicks off tomorrow at 5PM our time, and runs until Monday morning, so you'll have all Friday evening, all day Saturday, and all Sunday to get to grips with the game. What's more, the game has double XP points throughout the event, and your save game will work with the full version if you decide to keep going after the event is over.

Again, it's worth pointing out that the game has made substantial improvements and it costs exactly zero money to play it this weekend, so why not give it a go? Is your time that valuable? Of course it isn't.