If ever there was a game that seems like a completely natural fit for the Nintendo Switch, it's 'Fall Guys'.

It's not just the bright colours or the kid-friendly vibe of it all, it's the fact that it's a game that hasn't got a lot going on with it - but you still find yourself sinking hours into it without noticing them slipping by. That's very much at the heart of the Nintendo Switch experience, and 'Fall Guys' is exactly that kind of game.

Announced yesterday afternoon by Devolver Digital, 'Fall Guys' is stumbling its way onto the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Series X/S in the summer. Previously, 'Fall Guys' was exclusively only to the PlayStation and was a huge success and became a major streaming hit with viewers too.

Devolver Digital haven't yet confirmed a precise date for its release, but it's expected that it will land on both platforms on the same date.

Here's the announcement trailer for the Nintendo Switch and the announcement tweet for the Xbox Series X/S.