We might all remember GamesMaster from the '90s, but it's been quite some time since gaming has made its way to television.

Until now, that is.

Monday night saw Sky 2 host tournament highlights from the Intel Extreme Masters from Katowice, Poland. The event, hosted by ESL, saw professional teams and players take part in various events across Counterstrike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and StarCraft II with previous prize kitties topping almost $300,000 and higher.

While professional gaming is well covered online via Twitch and YouTube, it's yet to cross-over to mainstream audiences. Monday's coverage marks the first time Sky has covered eSports in any capacity. However, ESPN has already moved forward with its own online presence whilst BBC Three covered the League of Legends Quarter Finals from Wembley back in 2015.

It's now likely that Sky will continue its coverage of eSports as it continues to gain more viewers and popularity with each passing month.