2016's 'Doom' was, for us, one of the highlights of that year in gaming and was a hilariously violent, roaringly entertaining experience that so fully embraced its roots.

A sequel was quickly put into action,  announced at E3 and yesterday saw the first reveal of gameplay for 'Doom Eternal' to a raucous crowd at QuakeCon. And by raucous, we mean people roaring with laughter and excitement at the sight of the character ripping, tearing, bludgeoning and essentially murdering their way through Hell on Earth and Phobos to the sounds of grinding, shuddering death metal for fifteen minutes.

It's... well, take a look for yourself. The gameplay moments can be jumped to here and here.

As you can see, you'll be slicing off the heads of zombie soldiers, ripping apart demons with your bare hands, and you also get a nifty little grappling hook to either pull said demons to you or to swing across the hellscape with grace and ease.

Another tidbit from the gameplay reveal showed off the game's invasion feature, which will see other players - for a short amount of time - come into your single-player campaign. This means that you'll control a demon and go hunting other players online for a short period, or you can simply play without the feature and go on your happy way without them.

The game is set to arrive on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch on December 28th.