It's not even been half a year since the last FIFA game was released on all platforms, and while a World Cup isn't exactly an opportunity to be passed up, you can't help but feel that this is potentially just a cash-in scenario on the largest possible scale.

So to review this game properly, it's going to have to be almost divided into two different scenarios: (1) For the folk who DON'T have FIFA '14 and are huge football fans, then yes, this is an almost must buy, or (2) For the folk who DO have FIFA '14 and are huge football fans, then no, there simply isn't enough here to recommend another sixty quid being forked out for what feels like essentially the same game, with just a few presentational tweaks here and there.

First off, the game goes a LONG way to make you really feel like you're a part of the World Cup, from the official teams, to the Brazilian stadia you'll be playing in, right down to the songs and crowds and endless parties that the crowds seem to be a part of, this definitely has a lot more of a fun vibe going on than the mostly dead-eyed FIFA '14 seemed to possess.

But on the flip-side, there really is only so many different types of games that can be played within the confines of the World Cup, and with the necessary limit on the teams, it loses a lot of the organisation skills that was required of the player playing with a league team. There are a few different game modes - Captain Your Country being the most addictive - that will distract in the short term, but most likely players will have bored of what's on offer here before the actual World Cup swings round in June.

The matches themselves are still as well maintained as ever, but without any of the longevity that went hand in hand in previous FIFA game outings. Still though, the potential of playing a parallel World Cup with your mates while the real one is happening is not really something to be passed up, is it?

Formats: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Developers: EA Canada
Genre: Sports
Rating: 3/5