One of our gaming highlights of the year has been Unravel, a beautiful little game about a ball of string travelling through people's memories.

Look, when you say it out loud, it stands stupid. Then again, most games described in bland terms sound stupid. Nevertheless, Unravel had a gorgeous story with some hauntingly beautiful visuals attached to it. Not only that, it's nice to play a reasonably straightforward platform experience.

You can read our review of Unravel here, but it's now been confirmed that Unravel 2 is officially happening. EA distributed the game on behalf of Swedish outfit Coldwood Interactive, working as a partnership instead of a direct acquisition. That's good because, as we know, EA has the unfortunate reputation for acquiring smaller studios and then breaking them up when they don't perform commercially.

As we said, we genuinely loved Unravel so it's good to see that unique, beautiful storytelling in games is being rewarded.

No official release date has been set, but we'd expect Unravel 2 at some stage in 2017.