John McTiernan may not be a name that immediately leaps out at you, but some of his work definitely should.

Die Hard, Predator, The Hunt For Red October, Last Action Hero, Die Hard With A Vengeance, the Pierce Brosnan remake of The Thomas Crown Affair - in short, the man's a legend of action cinema and he's been off the boil for 14 years owing to a number of high-profile lawsuits and pleading guilty to perjury to an FBI investigator over the illegal wiretapping of a number of people.

It's messy stuff, but the long story short is that McTiernan hasn't directed a film in close to fourteen years - until now, that is. The first trailer for Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a live-action short about a team of snipers somewhere in South America and, by all accounts, it has the hallmarks of a John McTiernan piece.

It's got a jarring piece of music on top - reminiscent of Predator and Long Tall Sally - and it's got dialogue only to the bare minimum. You've also got an interesting use of colour and light and, as well as this, it looks very, very slick.

Take a look.