Today sees the launch of Destiny 2, however many players stayed up for the midnight launch of the game - and found that they were stuck in queues to play.

Not surprisingly, countless numbers of players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 tried to launch the game - which requires an always-on internet connection to play - and found themselves hit with a waiting screen to get in. Reports from Twitter suggest players eventually started to make their way into the game at around 4AM our time once servers coped with the excess stress and players logged off.

As of writing, there does appear to be some issues, but that could potentially change when players arrive home later this evening and log on.

So far, early reactions are positive and most likely full reviews of the game will come on-stream later this week. We'll be keeping an eye on Destiny 2's server issues throughout the week, so let us know if you're still having issues.


Via Twitter