December's PlayStation Plus titles have been released, and it's a decent haul to see out the year.

The headline title is 'Godfall', Gearbox's latest attempt at a live service game.

The action RPG was released in November of 2020 to middling reviews, but being put on PlayStation Plus will surely give the player base a fresh boost, especially after a year of improvements to the game.

Action appears to be the theme of this months line-up, with the addition of 'Mortal Shell' to the roster.

'Mortal Shell' is a Souls-lite game and is a decent alternative to the epic games by From Software.

If you've beaten the 'Dark Souls' games or 'Bloodborne' 20 times over, 'Mortal Shell' is a decent free game to get stuck into over Christmas.

Rounding out the trio is 'Lego DC Super-Villians' which sees iconic DC foes such as Joker, Penguin, Scarecrow and Harley Quinn wreak havoc across a Lego version of the DC universe.

Pickings have been relatively slim for PlayStation Plus across 2021, and in truth, December's line-up is fairly thin on the ground in terms of juicy titles, but rounding out the year with two decent action titles is a decent way to keep fans tided over until the batch of games in 2022.

The PlayStation 5 has endured a tough year, but business is due to pick up in 2022 for Sony's latest console.

Players have until December 7th to renew November's line-up which included 'First-Class Trouble' and EA's surprise hit 'Knockout City' which we've recommended as one of the games you should pick up this Christmas.